Weekly News for 10/17/16 – 10/24/16

Welcome to Our Weekly News
  • Dr. Brady's Schedule Filling, Get Your Free Evaluation & Spinal Thermo-scan
  • Don't Forget To Take Advantage of Our Early Bird Christmas Specials

Dr. Brady's Schedule

Dr Brady's Schedule is filling faster than we anticipated.

Now once your a patient a full schedule isn't really an issue for we can always find enough time for a treatment. The problem is going to be getting in for your Evaluation, Scan and Report of Findings.

What we are recommending is to get in for your Free Evaluation and to get your Insurance verified so that when you need that treatment it's easy enough to get you in.

So get your Free Evaluation and get established to be a part of the schedule.

We look forward to treating you.

MJ's Current Early Bird Christmas Specials

So far the Christmas Specials are doing well for those whom wish to save a bundle on their Christmas list or save massively on their own treatments for 2017.

If your interested in saving any where from $45 to $2,500 then your not going to want to miss these outrageous deals never before offered to the general public.

Click The Link Below To See Specials

Thanks and Have A Great Week! JC

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