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Welcome to Our Weekly News

There’s some much going on at MJ’s and we sure hope your not missing out.

First and foremost we wanting to let you know that our expansion with Dr. Brady is going wonderfully. So Far Dr. Brady has seen 30 New Patients and the reviews are in… Two Thumbs Up!

People love Dr. Brady’s personality, his treatment style, his diagnostic technology and the way he approaches your financial responsibilities for your care.

FREE EVALUATIONS,  Don’t forget to schedule your Free Evaluation with Dr. Brady. People are walking away from this experience saying they have never had such a thorough evaluation done before. Plus once you receive your Report of Findings your’ll walk away with a new found understanding of your bodies current health and ability to with stand your current physical and emotional stress.

Here is some of what your’ll see in your Report of Findings.

scan image

Johnny’s in New Orleans for the week and will return October 3rd. I haven’t seen one of our daughters in over a year so Missy, Jasmine, a cousin and myself are headed down to hang with Jordan and have a good time. So Exciting!!

During this week Dr. Brady will still be available Tuesday and Thursday.

Schedule Changes Coming To MJ’s. 

We will be making some changes to the schedule over the next month to accommodate for the expansion and to give everyone the ability to receive the  treatment they need. Keep an eye out for that up and coming important information.

Christmas, My Favorite Holiday

I’ve recently read a report that the prices of some major products go up during the month of November and December for the Christmas Season. Some of my savvy shopping clients shop throughout the year for Christmas and not deal with the hustling bustling months of the holidays.

So what we are doing this year is during the month of October there will be 2 weeks of some of the best specials we have ever offered. This will be our Christmas Specials for the savvy shoppers whom want to get some early shopping out of the way, quality gifts, at a great savings.

There will be no sales during November or December so please keep an eye out for some great deals. Buy yourself, loved ones, co-workers some gifts that they will thank you for many times over.

I’ll see you in a week!


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