Weekly News 10/30 – 11/5/16

We Had A Great Time With The Kids & Trick or Treat

We had a blast with the kids and trick or treat. This was the second year in a row that it was a huge turn out.
It's great to see people out and doing things as a community. GOOD TIMES!

Communication Issues

Just a heads up!!

We are having problems with all forms of communication at this moment and over the last week.

Some people are not receiving emails. Some people are not getting their text reminders. Our phone voice mail is not updated immediately, your message may not show up for hours or days and then puff there it is.

We want to make sure that everyone is aware of this because if you are one of the people effected by this we want you to know it's not that your being ignored.

We are dealing with this to be fixed as soon as possible.

Don't Forget Dr Brady Will Not Be Here During The Week Of 11/6 - 11/12

If you need to see Dr Brady get in this week! He will be hanging out with his family, Micky and Minnie next week.

Coming Technology Just For You

If you have been around a few chiropractic offices over the years perhaps you have been treated on something similar to this machine.
This is going to change how you feel about being adjusted. Just this flexion-distraction air drop table is going to draw it's own crowd. How Exciting!
2 of these bad boys with back rollers, leg rollers, heat and vibration is going to add just another fabulous touch to your treatment, results and overall experience.

Can't Wait!!
This is great! This is my new toy!

For those of you that have been seeing me for a while you understand how a stationary table can take a toll on my body due to every client being a different size. Plus for those who have trouble getting on and off my table you'll love this new easier adjustable height table. Wop Wop!!
State of the art fascia busting, knot eliminating, scar tissue destroying handy tool is going to change how we get results in both massage and chiropractic care.
So looking forward to this!
Thermo-jet is returning!!

You know it and you loved it!!

Lose weight, detox, ease muscle tension and rid yourself of pain all in one amazing piece of technology. How Exciting!
Mutiple Power Plates will be brought in over a period of time for Neuro-muscular Re-education.

This is a very interested technology that will help in retraining your body, strength training, lymph drainage, weight loss and more...
Now these machines are either ordered or being repaired. Based on the company that builds most of the above mentioned from scratch, we will not be able to provide the majority of these services until the first of the year.

I just wanted you to see what was coming and to get you excited because those of you who know me I love change and improvement and I can assure you that you're going to love the New MJ's and Brady's as well.

Last But Not Least We Want To Remind You About Referrals

Here at Brady's and MJ's we are preparing for a massive marketing campaign to start around the first of the New Year.

But over the 14 years of serving Fulton County nothing works like a a good old fashioned referral by word of mouth.

If you feel that our services and expertise is worth using then please share and Don't Forget for Every 3 people you send our way we will give you a Free Service. Please ask for details.

Thank You and Have A Great Week!!

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