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There’s some much going on at MJ’s and we sure hope your not missing out.

New Orleans Was A Blast

We had a great time in New Orleans and it was great to see our second oldest daughter, Jordan, that I haven’t seen in over a year. We ate a lot, drank some as well and was entertained by great performers. We also went to the Plantation where Forest Gump, The Patriot and other productions were filmed. If you haven’t been to New Orleans yet it’s a must, this was my forth time and I’m ready to go again.

FREE EVALUATIONS,  Don’t forget to schedule your Free Evaluation with Dr. Brady. People are walking away from this experience saying they have never had such a thorough evaluation done before. Plus once you receive your Report of Findings your’ll walk away with a new found understanding of your bodies current health and ability to with stand your current physical and emotional stress.

Here is some of what your’ll see in your Report of Findings.

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Johnny’s New Weekly Schedule By November 1st 2016

I will be altering my schedule by November 1st to improve the quality of your experience and to insure that you are receiving everything you deserve under your Chiropractic Treatment Plan and insurance options.

I will also be making this alteration over the next month due to the fact that Dr. Brady and I want to run the expansion together successfully over the coming months while we search for the absolute best staff additions.

We will be adding a secretary, massage therapist, another chiropractor and hopefully a part time acupuncturist. But until we locate the best of the best for these positions he and I need to work together to put the systems in place to give you the ultimate experience with us and to have a smooth transition for the future staff.

First I will be cutting back to every other weekend. I’ve been working 7 days a week for the past 12 months and I will cutting out every other weekend to take care of myself, to have free time with family and friends and to be sure the back end of the business is being handled properly. So every other Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will no longer be available.

I will be asking that those clients, that are on my Tuesday and Thursday schedules, to be willing to move to Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Our Christmas Specials Will Run During The Weeks of Oct 10th – Oct 22nd

This year we will be treating our Christmas Specials similar to last year. There will be NO Christmas Specials during the months of November or December only October.

Many of our clients start shopping early and many now shop online.

We have found through our experiment last year that earlier Christmas Specials sold best and we offered some great deals. This year will have some fabulous offers as well so don’t miss out. Specials will be posted next week on Facebook, our Website, will be texted out and emailed.

Shop, shop,shop and a percentage of our earnings will going to buy a Brand New Roller Table that you are going to love.


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