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Struggling With Sleep?

A full night of quality sleep is a complicated issue and the terms ‘awake’ and ‘asleep’ do not fully capture or do justice to the complexity of the various levels of consciousness that are had in a single night. Sleep actually comes in at least three types, or ‘stages’, each of which is quite distinct from the others. Stage 1 is the first level of sleep which is characterized by the brain moving from drowsy alpha waves to the beginning of theta waves. Thoughts may begin to wander and be quite bizarre. The difference between this and other dream states is that in Stage 1, you are still virtually conscious. Indeed, this ‘sleep’ is so light that in sleep tests, during this stage ‘patients often report having felt that they were awake’.

A normal sleeper will only spend a few minutes in this stage before going deeper but an insomniac can spend most of the night in this ‘half-sleep’. Deep sleep, or ‘slow wave’ sleep is the deepest type of sleep in which no dreaming happens. It is also known as delta sleep because it is characterized by delta brain waves. This type of sleep is the most physically refreshing and when you have not had enough delta sleep, you may feel both physically and emotionally exhausted. If you often get up having dreamed vividly but feeling tense and unrefreshed, then you are probably not getting enough delta sleep.

REM sleep is the period of sleep in which we dream the most. REM stands for ‘rapid eye movement’. This is because during REM sleep our eyes look around while dreaming, just as if we were wide awake. REM seems to be vital for our mental rejuvenation and general emotional well-being. Together, these stages make up one full sleep cycle. During a normal night, a normal sleeper will go through several complete cycles and it is known that all three stages are essential for a refreshing night’s sleep. One effect of sleeping medication is the disruption of this cycle. People awaking from a night of drugged sleep often feel unrefreshed, ‘as if they hadn’t slept at all’. This is in part due to not having had a complete night’s sleep made up of all the essential stages.

Sleep Issues in McConnellsburg

The Effects and Side-Effects of Sleeping Pills
Hangover Sleeping pills are known to reduce the amount of delta sleep obtained. This feeling of ‘not having had enough sleep’ associated with a lack of delta sleep makes the next day hangover all the more unpleasant.

Almost every sleeping medication, including over-the-counter remedies, will leave you with a level of grogginess, thick-headedness, confusion or a ‘spaced-out’ feeling. These hangovers can be severe, affecting your reactions and ability to think, making driving or operating machinery very dangerous. In my experience, there is not a single conventional sleeping pill that does not cause some degree of hangover.

Depression and Mood

Sleeping pill hangovers often seem to be associated with a very low mood. Overall, the feeling of a sleeping pill hangover can be worse than the feeling after a sleepless night. Not only is delta sleep reduced, but many prescription drugs are known to reduce the time spent in REM sleep, which means that they interfere with mental recovery and emotional well-being.

Bearing this in mind, it is not surprising that sleeping pills often cause daytime anxiety and depression. Because insomnia can cause depression, it is often thought that insomnia medication may help to treat depression, and conversely, depression is sometimes thought to be the cause of insomnia. This results in anti-depressants such as Prozac being prescribed for insomnia patients, whether or not they have actually ever claimed to be depressed.

How Do You Develop Sleep Issues?

Short-term, transient insomnia usually occurs either during a period of extreme stress, or as a result of accidental poor sleeping habits. Often, these two things go together. This is because a common response to a missed night of sleep through stress is to lie in, or try to take naps during the day, thus creating poor sleeping patterns. Usually, transient insomnia rights itself and almost every person has experienced a run of insomnia at some point in his or her life. But for some people, these bouts of insomnia become more and more frequent, even becoming the norm, and runs of good nights of sleep become the exception.

Some people even get to a stage where they cannot remember the last time they had a really good period of sleep. The scary truth is that all chronic insomniacs started out as transient insomniacs and there is always a danger that any short spell of sleeplessness could turn into a more serious problem. Why does this happen? And why does insomnia sometimes remain long after the original stress or cause has disappeared or even been forgotten? One of the greatest frustrations for a chronic insomniac is in trying to work out why their insomnia lasts for years while others seem able to get over a bad patch of sleep very quickly, often by using a simple remedy such as a relaxation CD. It is hardly surprising that chronic insomniacs often feel ‘broken’ or different.

Combination Therapy For Deep Sleep

Chiropractors in McConnellsburg are highly trained to zero in on the source of the sleep issues and to work with the patient in determining the most suitable approach to treatment. After a thorough assessment of the individual's unique issue, gentle adjustments are made that will allow the body to recover its natural alignment.

But we do something at Mj's and Brady's that you will find nowhere else in the area, we combine massage, chiropractic, hypnosis and NLp to insure the deepest, fullest night sleep possible.

By choosing our Sleeplessness Program you will no longer need to take drugs or dread lying down at night fighting the horrible feeling of I can't sleep and wake every morning feeling refreshed and energized.

We have a 100% success rate at getting people to sleep in 14 days or less.

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I felt back pain but just figured I was getting older or it didn't hurt that much so I just dealt with it. Never again. I learned my lesson.

All this time knowing the business was here, I didn't realize exactly what they had to offer. After two visits of having Chiropractic work done, I am able to get out of bed with no pain.

I suggest to everyone to make an appointment and just give it a try. You won't be disappointed by the service they provide." A.L.
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After just three visits, my hip was back to normal. I not only received physical help but wonderful mental support too.

I had just lost my husband a couple months before. Having the hip problem was only the beginning of getting my life back.

Johnny was such an enormous part of that process. I highly recommend MJ's and the team. They are miracle workers!"
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I look forward to my massages. From the first visit I was made to feel comfortable and at ease. I had never had a massage before. The atmosphere is relaxing and calm. The service is great and very compassionate.

By the way, did I mention that I am 65 years old and that gift certificate was one of the best gifts I have ever gotten." W.D.
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