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 You know I have been working with people from all walks of life for the past 16 years and the one thing I have found is that the greater majority of people take the one most important thing for granted, their health. Most people have no idea how bad they really feel until they feel good again. You become comfortable with be uncomfortable. You think the way they feel is normal. Like for some reason it’s normal to be fatigued, stressed, anxious or in pain.

Do you think it’s normal to feel the way you feel?  Do you think it’s possible to feel 15 years younger, joyful and filled with energy?

Have you ever stopped and considered how great you could feel? 

Perhaps more importantly have you ever realized just how bad you feel and have felt hopeless?

We are so excited about our new State of the Art Technology That You’ll Have Access to September 13th 2016. Call or Text Today for Your Thermo-Spinal Scan & Postural Analysis Screening.

Here is a view of State of The Art Technology We Are Bringing To Fulton County Thanks To Dr. Brady. Thermo- Spinal Scans and Postural Analysis Software. This is what I’ve wanted for Years!!
Spinal scan

Fill Out Our Intake Form Online & We’ll Review Your Insurance So You Know What’s Covered For Your Care. CLICK THE LINK BeLow

Click Here for Intake& Insurance Form

You know people whom has come to me throughout the years with relationship issues, career issues and problems with co-workers, one of the first things we look at is the quality of the health. How can you have a quality relationship, advance in your career or get along with your co-workers if your in pain, struggling to sleep, feeling ran down or in other words just feeling downright miserable.

 Everything in life is so much easier when you feel your best!

Taking care of the kids, pleasing your spouse, doing your job, handling the people around you at work is always easier and more enjoyable if the quality of your physical and mental health is optimal. I work with a lot of grandmothers and it’s always the same story, they love watching their grandkids but never really feel up to the task. So what was once a joy turns into a chore. Well I am proud to say here at MJ’s I have had the pleasure of bringing back the joy to many grandmothers.

Where has the joy been stolen from your life?      Do you want it back?!!

Doing what I do and then my fiance doing what she does, (RN at Fulton County Medical Center), I tell her all the time that if we suffer as we get older we truly would have no one else to blame but ourselves. With what we see on a daily basis we both know the outcomes for people who neglect their well being and its not a pretty sight and in some cases horrifying.

Why am I telling you all this? Well here at MJ’s we truly care! I have worked hard to learn how to have a stress free life but I have to admit one of my last frustrations is seeing people suffer needlessly. Whether it be a loved one, friend or even just someone I see at the gas station or supermarket. I always end up asking myself, ” do they choose to suffer or do they not realize they have options“, and of course I never really know the answer.

But that is why I am writing to you today to let you know you do have options, great options right here in Fulton County. So the question is the next time I see you out in public will you still be choosing to suffer? Will you have made the choice to recapture your youth?

Now Fulton County, you and your family have great options. These options will only be available if you take advantage of them and show your support and Welcome Dr. Brady to the area. If you show him a warm welcome and so he can see the needs of the community we have more Sate of The At Technology we want to bring to you over the next 6 months.

All this and more

Now Meet The Fabulous Duo You’ll Be Working With

Joe Cropped 2016

Dr. Joseph Brady grew up in Old Bridge NJ and attended Madison Central High School. He always kept active, both in the community and sports playing soccer, football, wrestling, baseball and track. He was a member of back to back state championship football teams that at one time were ranked eighth in the nation and also the state championship wrestling squad. He was also the senior class president.

Dr. Joe then attended Penn State University where he studied civil engineering before switching to exercise science to start his chiropractic career. While there he kept active with intramural sports such as football and wrestling. Then it was on to Life University, where he was a Dean’s list student while receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2001.

After graduating, Dr. Joe moved back to NJ where he worked with and learned from some of the busiest Chiropractors in the world. After a couple of years of refining the science, art, and philosophy of Chiropractic, he originally opened Brady Chiropractic in East Brunswick NJ. Then in 2003 he moved to Pennsylvania to join one of the biggest chiropractic offices in the state. Over the next 11 years he helped open multiple offices adjusting over 200,000 patients! After 2 short years, Dr. Joe became clinic director of the Chambersburg office, which was twice voted the Best of Chambersburg by the readers of the Public Opinion. Then in 2014, Dr. Joe took the opportunity to become the owner of the Chambersburg location that he had directed for 9 years.

In over a decade of service, Dr. Joe has had the privilege to help many individuals and families. His patients range in age from 1 hour to 97 years old. He is trained in multiple Chiropractic techniques and is 1 of about 20 Chiropractors in Pennsylvania to be a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner.

Currently, Dr. Joe lives in Chambersburg, with his wife Kristin, daughter Kaitlyn, son Bryce, and the family dog Leo. When not in the office, you can find Dr. Joe spending time with his family or in Walt Disney World. Unless it is college football season, in which case you can find him either watching or attending Penn State games.


 Johnny grew up in a small town in West Virginia on the other side of Berkeley Springs. He graduated from Berkeley Springs High School and then off to serve our country in the United States Marine Corps.

After returning from the Corp Johnny attended Virginia School of Massage and graduated in 2001. He then went on to work for 2 spas becoming head therapist  and then managing a new spa that opened in Berkeley Springs. After a few years in the Spa Industry Johnny realized that his advanced training and personality was better suited to be in the Pain Management Industry.

That’s when he and his fiance Melissa Vogt, (a native of Futon County) and their 4 daughters Jasmine, Jordan, Brittany and Josi moved back to McConnellsburg to open their own clinic in 2003.

The first 18 months of starting his clinic was a challenge and while growing his practice he worked for a local farm, and worked for the one of the biggest chiropractic clinics in the state. He build up his practice, with the support of the community, and of 2008 was treating 185 people a week along side his staff.  His youngest patient treated 6 months of age to his oldest being 92. The recession of 2008 forced him to downsize.

Over the last 13 years serving the people of Fulton County and the surrounding areas, Johnny has had the pleasure of ridding people of pain, controlling anxiety and depression, assisting people in weight loss, helping husbands and wives have quality relationships and has 100% success rate getting people to sleep.

Johnny is trained in Advanced Myo-fascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Yoga, Actived Strecthing, Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention, Relationship Education, Certified Hypno-therapist, NLP Practioner, Lifestyle Coach and one of only a few people in the tri-state area studying to be a Master Myo-skeletal Alignment Therapist.

Now he’s going to expand again bringing on some one he has a lot of faith and trust in, Dr Joe Brady.

He looks forward to another 10 years of serving Fulton County and the surrounding area.













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