Living Your Life Beyond Ordinary

An Extraordinary 9 Month Life Changing Experience  
March 4th -  November 18th 2018

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  What’s been getting in your way of your happiness and life fulfillment.

Are you unhealthy, overweight, on to many medications, depressed, anxious or relationship on the rocks?
  It's time for you to plant your flag into the ground and take what’s yours.

Improve your health, sleep deeply, have a passionate relationship, be confident, grateful and filled with joy.
Coach & Trainer
Beyond Ordinary Results Coaching
Johnny C. LMT, CMT, CHt. NLP, Relationship Educator, Life Strategist and Personal Trainer
Johnny C. has been impacting Lives for 18 Years..
Johnny has been helping people improve the quality of their health, relationships, ridding them of anxiety and depression offering those whom say, “I’ve had enough", improve the overall quality of their lives in a one on one basis.

Now he wants to bring it to a group atmosphere. Are you ready?

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Monday-Thursday 9am - 7pm​
Fridays 9am - 2pm
Every Other Saturday- 9am - 1pm
Every Other Sunday- 10am - 1pm
328 N 2nd St
McConnellsburg Pa.17233

Living Your Life Beyond Ordinary

We are offering the community an extraordinary opportunity of 2 groups of 6 to get together twice a month for 90 minutes of wonderful interaction and life changing experience.  
  You'll learn to open your heart, embrace the moment, live a positive life, sleep deeper, simplify your day, eat cleaner, love more purely, find peace in the chaos, stop worrying yourself sick, have passionate relationships, have passion, be healthier and so much more....  
 You'll understand stand things about yourself that before seemed trivial or even frustrating, like self-doubt or getting angry at your spouse for no apparent reason.

You'll understand others better which in turn takes the judgement and chaos out of life.
  We will simplify the mysteries to quality health and wellbeing.

By simply understanding the basics to a quality diet, basic exercise, mental health and quality sleep which will allow you to accomplish the goals you have for yourself.  

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