The people that have the most success in dealing with their arthritis approach their treatment from a systematic plan that incorporates different methodologies. Over time you will be able to fine tune some of the steps and each one can have a direct benefit on how you feel, reduce pain and swelling, pain management and finally greatly relieve your symptoms:

1. Consult The Right Physician -while there is a general mistrust of doctors growing in America, an informed physician is your best ally when creating and maintaining a treatment plan. It is critical that you speak with a professional to evaluate your treatment to ensure you are not going to do something to further aggravate your condition.

2. Incorporate Appropriate Physical Exercise - regardless of your age you can benefit from additional physical exercise. You should consult a physical therapist as far as range of motion exercises to improve your arthritis. Weight-bearing activities, tai chi and yoga have all been shown to drastically improve health conditions for people suffering from arthritis as well as adding improved flexibility.

3. Major Healthy Changes In Diet -since the majority of people suffering from arthritis is due to a degree of autoimmune disease, it is important to drastically improve the quality of the food that you are eating and to strongly consider supplementation and natural herbs and spices to enhance your overall health.

4. Using Specific Lifestyle Changes And Folk Treatments-there are a variety of suggestions in this guide that can immediately improve the way you feel and how to manage your arthritis.


Consulting your physician is not just a good idea; a qualified doctor is capable of assisting you with the correct information necessary to make wise decisions when affecting exercise, lifestyle changes and finally can prescribe the correct medications to enhance or improve your condition.

This does not mean however that all physicians can be of help when dealing with your arthritis. You should look for someone that specializes in geriatrics and has the ability to understand and comprehend that you wish to treat your arthritis with more than just drugs.

Several studies show that improvement in arthritis can happen simply with proper lifestyle changes and improving the quality and content of the food that you eat as well as using good mineral and vitamin supplementation.

You should approach arthritis from a chronic disease management model. Because arthritis can flare-up and cause pain and reduced mobility and then vanish, is important that our lifestyle changes take this into consideration and give our bodies the necessary
nutrients in order to directly combat these occurrences.

The physician that you choose should have deep knowledge of nutrition; unfortunately most doctors that graduate from medical school today have virtually no formal education in nutrition.

You may wish to consult a professional that has a background in healing people through nutrition first as this kind of expert is precisely what is needed for helping you to deal with reducing flare ups and improving overall bodily health.


Even though arthritis can be very painful and discourage you from wanting to do physical exercise, there is a direct link to the amount of physical exercise that you perform and the reduction and management of your arthritis.

If you are not already consulting a physical therapist we highly recommend that you do so as well as your physician before starting any form of exercise.

A physical therapist is important because they study range of motion, and fully understand your capabilities based on tests they can administer. They can guide you on exactly the kind of exercise that you should be doing and a therapist can help manage physical limitations so as to ensure that you do not injure yourself when starting an exercise regimen.

Exercises like yoga have been shown to dramatically improve people's overall flexibility, breathing, strength and mental clarity. The nice thing about yoga is that regardless of your current health conditions you can benefit from this exercise and continue to do so at your own pace.

A beginner’s yoga video can get you started and you can take your time and improve all physical aspects of your body. There is also a connection with yoga that involves deeper meditation that helps with pain management, overall feelings of well-being and reduced stress.

Regardless of the type of exercise that you and your physical therapist discuss, getting started on a new and healthier you will keep your range of motion, flexibility and physical strength improving.


Due to the over industrialization, chemical use, and micro toxic additives of found in majority of processed foods available today, most of what people eat is almost completely depleted of minerals and natural occurring vitamins.

There have been studies that directly link reduced quality of foods, pesticides, food additives, dyes etc. to the explosion of illness and disease that is taking America and the entire world by storm.

It now takes a concerted effort to eat healthy. What used to be natural and organic has now been replaced with pseudo-organic foods, GMO’s, irradiated foods and a whole host of new substances that are being found that harm human health. This is why supplementation is critical to helping arthritis sufferers:

“The most commonly observed vitamin and mineral deficiencies in patients with RA, are folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium.(ref 4) Although, food is always the preferred source for vitamins and minerals, it may be essential to use supplementation to assist in counterbalancing the outlined deficiencies and improving nutritional status for patients with RA.” Source:

Information is readily available in most medical journals, like the article above which explains the principal treatment for arthritis (and most auto immune and inflammatory diseases) should not necessarily be medication, rather high doses of the correct vitamins along with a considerable improvement in the way that you are eating by eliminating processed foods.

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