Headaches. Migraines. Solution.
Dr. Brady and Johnny C. Are Your Local Headache Experts...
We Have a 97% Success Rate
Chiropractic Care To Correct Structure Imbalances, Nerve Interference.
Muscle Manipulation To Improve Structure Imbalances, Nerve Interferrence
Massage, Strategic Intervention, Hypnosis and NLP For Stress Elimination
Over 32 Years Combined Experience, Over 200,000 Adjustments and Over 30,000 Hours
Why Are So Many People Using MJ's & Brady's Treatment?
People suffering with Headaches and Migraines are choosing to work with Dr. Brady and Johnny for their experience, philosophy, their compassion and Absolute Results!

People Love Results
We work to understand all the latest in techniques, technologies and philosophies to achieve ultimate results for you.

The Newest Technology
We strive to bring you the latest in diagnostic and results based technology to insure your absolute results.

We Truly Care
We have many of our own personal reason but with us it is not a cliche we do truly care for you and our guests know it.

Continuing Education
We are always furthering our education to bring you the absolute best care and share what we know with you.
Using MJ's & Brady's Philosophy
Results Are Garaunteed
Dr. Brady & Johnny Have Extensive Experience
Dr. Brady Has Preformed Well Over 200,000 Adjustments and Johnny Is Nearing 40,000 Hours of Hands On Experience Working With People From A Physical And Emotional Capacity...
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Dr. Brady, Caring and Experienced
Dr. Joe attended Penn State University where he studied civil engineering before switching to exercise science to start his chiropractic career. While there he kept active with intramural sports such as football and wrestling. Then it was on to Life University, where he was a Dean’s list student while receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2001.

After graduating, Dr. Joe moved back to NJ where he worked with and learned from some of the busiest Chiropractors in the world. After a couple of years of refining the science, art, and philosophy of Chiropractic, he originally opened Brady Chiropractic in East Brunswick NJ.

Then in 2003 he moved to Pennsylvania to join one of the biggest chiropractic offices in the state. Over the next 11 years he helped open multiple offices adjusting over 200,000 patients! After 2 short years, Dr. Joe became clinic director of the Chambersburg office, which was twice voted the Best of Chambersburg by the readers of the Public Opinion. Then in 2014, Dr. Joe took the opportunity to become the owner of the Chambersburg location that he had directed for 9 years.

In over a decade of service, Dr. Joe has had the privilege to help many individuals and families. His patients range in age from 1 hour to 97 years old. He is trained in multiple Chiropractic techniques and is 1 of about 20 Chiropractors in Pennsylvania to be a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner.
Johnny C. LMT,CMT,CHt,NLP, Dedicated
After returning from the Corp Johnny attended Virginia School of Massage and graduated in 2001. He then went on to work for 2 spas becoming head therapist and then managing a new spa that opened in Berkeley Springs. After a few years in the Spa Industry Johnny realized that his advanced training and personality was better suited to be in the Pain Management Industry.

His youngest patient treated 6 months of age to his oldest being 92.

Over the last 13 years serving the people of Fulton County and the surrounding areas, Johnny has had the pleasure of ridding people of pain, controlling anxiety and depression, assisting people in weight loss, helping husbands and wives have quality relationships and has 100% success rate getting people to sleep.

Johnny is trained in Advanced Myo-fascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Yoga, Actived Strecthing, Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention, Relationship Education, Certified Hypno-therapist, NLP Practioner, Lifestyle Coach and one of only a few people in the tri-state area studying to be a Master Myo-skeletal Alignment Therapist.
Warm, Comfortable And Welcoming Enviorment
We are literally welcoming you into our home and that changes the feel entirely.

You feel welcome and relaxed beyond any thing like most doctor offices. We can assure you that you blood pressure doesn't rise when you enter our office.

Most guests claim they feel relaxed and comfortable just by walking through our door.

Come on in, we welcome you!
That’s Cool… But What Can Dr. Brady & Johnny Do For You?
By choosing to receive proper treatment you can get back the quality of life you deserve.

Our Communication
Our style of communication is unlike any other. We will hear you and work to educate you. That is the foundation to absolute results.

Our Systematic Approach
With our systematic approach to treat all angles of headache manifestation is unrivaled by any other and leads to absolute results.

Quick Results Philosophy
With our treatment philosophy combined with patient compliance headaches eliminated within 3 weeks to 3 months.

Comprehensive Plan
With a comprehensive treatment plan and follow maintenance approach to guarantee not just crossing the finish line but continue your success.
Dr. Brady & Johnny Help You With Long Lasting Relief!
Depending upon your specific circumstances, you will be guided through proper treatment, postural corrective exercises, stress management, diet/lifestyle changes and more.
Quality, Experienced Chiropractic
Quality Chiropractic care based on your specific needs to help your body function ultimately under physical and emotional stress while improving proper posture.
Experienced Muscle Maniplulation
Quality Muscle Manipulation based on your specific needs to help your body function ultimately under physical and emotional stress while improving proper posture.
Guided Corrective Routines
Guided workouts geared towards your needs to help improve your posture to allow the body to function ultimately under physical and emotional stress.
Experienced Stress Management
Stress, the most common creator of headaches. By using Strategic Intervention Techniques we will guide you to a path of emotional mastery to manage your stress levels.
With Dr, Brady & Johnny By Your Side You Can Stop Taking A Hand Full Of Pills
​Headaches aren't caused by an aspirin deficiency. Headaches can be due to a wide variety of causes, such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), tightness in the neck muscles, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, spinal misalignments, stress, and fatigue.
Don't continue destroying your liver or creating a dependency that fixes nothing. Pain, such as headaches, has a purpose it is the body's way of informing you something is wrong and needs to be dealt with.

Pills due nothing but mask the issues while offering temporary relief allowing the true problem to manifest itself into something worse.

You owe it to yourself to eliminate the cause and have a higher quality of life. Call Today For Your Free Evaluation. 717-404-6495
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Does my insurance cover the treatment I need?
For most major insurance programs your treatments would be covered. Once your insurance is verified we will inform you about
everything you need to know about your financial responsibilities.

What do I need to wear to my treatments?
For your first visit just wear whatever you want. After your second visit for your report of findings you will then be told what we recommend for future treatment. You may have to wear clothing for a massage, to work out, or Thai Yoga. For these sessions we would recommended loose clothing.

How long does it take to start seeing reults?
Most people actually can start seeing results as early as their very first treatment. Based on an average lifestyle most individuals have headaches gone with in 3 weeks to 3 months.

Does the treatment hurt or painful?
Most people will have places of soreness due to the body being out of balance. For the most part a certain amount of the treament will feel really good with a chance of sore the next moring followed by improvement.
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